Laila Biali

Carol catches up with award winning Canadian artist Laila Biali about her getting her career aspirations as a concert pianist cut short by injury, finding new inspiration as a composer and singer and gaining confidence on the road with Chris Botti, Sting, Paula Cole and Suzanne Vega.

Tony Levin

2016 was a very busy year for the in demand bassist and Chapman Stick player. Tony Levin toured with Peter Gabriel whom he’s been with since Gabriel’s first solo album and with King Crimson as well as with his own band Stickmen. We catch up about touring and some key projects and the unique Chapman stick instrument.

Jonatha Brooke

Singer-songwriter and musician Jonatha Brooke shares conversation about starting her career in another time of the recording industry and the struggles to make a living in the music business at this moment in time as well as a couple of other very rewarding projects as a writer and performer including her newest album Midnight Hallelujah.

Joe Sample

Carol Handley talks with Joe Sample in 2010 while on the road about his childhood in Houston, playing electric keyboards, a couple of favorite projects including a musical he worked on over 20 years time.

Herbie Hancock

Carol Handley shares some conversation (and a birthday) with Herbie Hancock about his two year, seven continent album, The Imagine Project. Herbie talks about working with producer Larry Klein, the musicians on the release as well as his thoughts on being a global citizen and communicating with emoji’s.

Mark O’Connor

August 2016 is a big month for Mark O’Connor He celebrated his birthday on the final day of his O’Connor Method of American String Playing Camp in New York and launched the new O’Connor Band with Mark O’Connor album, Coming Home. Mark talks with Carol Handley about the album, his early roots and his musical mentors as well as the acquisition of 250 American made violins to the Library of Congress by David Bromberg.

Musicians On Mic

Musicians on Mic grew out of a 15-year long growing library of conversations with musicians about their careers, projects, partnerships and world travels. The library continues to grow along with the diversity of genres and backgrounds represented. Take your time to browse, read the transcripts, listen to their voices and share in the celebration of their music.