Artist: Jonatha Brooke Released: October 25. 2016 Album: Midnight Hallelujah Genre: pop

Singer-songwriter and musician Jonatha Brooke shares conversation about starting her career in another time of the recording industry and the struggles to make a living in the music business at this moment in time as well as a couple of other very rewarding projects as a writer and performer including her newest album Midnight Hallelujah.

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Jonatha Brooke’s musical career started as half of the group The Story for two albums in the 90’s and and later as a solo artist.

Brooke’s 1995 solo debut, Plumb, was credited as Jonatha Brooke & the Story, but was the launch of her solo recording career. In the late ’90s, her albums were issued via her very own record label, Bad Dog and included 1997’s 10 Cent Wings,  1999’s Live and 2001’s Steady Pull.

In 2002, Brooke performed a pair of songs on Disney’s Return to Never Land soundtrack, contributing an original composition , “I’ll Try”, which she talks about in the conversation as well as her project The Works pairing her original music with Woody Guthrie’s previously unheard lyrics.

In this conversation for Musicians on Mic, Jonatha also shares about play writing musicals for the stage both past and present.  To hear the complete conversation, click the link below.  To learn more about the artist or buy her music direct, go to Jonatha’s Website.

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