Artist: O'Connor Band with Mark O'Connor Released: August 09. 2016 Album: Coming Home Genre: Americana, Bluegrass, Roots, Country

August 2016 is a big month for Mark O’Connor He celebrated his birthday on the final day of his O’Connor Method of American String Playing Camp in New York and launched the new O’Connor Band with Mark O’Connor album, Coming Home. Mark talks with Carol Handley about the album, his early roots and his musical mentors as well as the acquisition of 250 American made violins to the Library of Congress by David Bromberg.

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American multi-instrumentalist Mark O’Connor joins Carol Handley in conversation for Musicians on Mic from a stop in Nashville for the CD Release concert for “Coming Home”, ┬áthe new album from the O’Connor Band with Mark O’Connor.

Carol talks to Mark about working with his wife Maggie and his son Forrest and soon-to-be daughter-in-law Kate Lee who are at the front of their careers, as well as celebrating the new music in his old home town’s of Nashville and Seattle.

They walk back to those earlier haunts and revisit stories of Mark’s early mentors, Benny Thomasson and Stephane Grappelli and how they shaped him as a musician and inspired him to pass along the history in the O’Connor Method of American string playing.

Mark O’Connor is known as being an award-winning guitar player as well as mandolin master, but the violin/fiddle has been the focus of his rich and diverse musical career and Carol get’s his thoughts on the donation of 250 American made violins and fiddles from the collection of David Bromberg to the Library of Congress.

See the first video from Coming Home of the song Always Do featuring the vocals of Kate Lee.

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