Buy Music!

One easy way to support the careers of the artists you love is to buy their creative projects. Yes, we like streaming to learn about the music you might want to add to your library, but we encourage you to buy it to really support the artists and get more of your money back to them. More of the revenue flows directly to them when you purchase and then, voila, more music gets recorded for you.

Got Vinyl?

What is your listening experience like? Well, of course you might then ask in what environment? Home? Car? Mobile? There's a lot to consider when trying to make the most of your digital listening environment. Compressed mp3 audio files can sound like crap depending on how you are listening. What device, headphones, speakers etc. With this link you can learn a bit more about the vinyl resurgence. Did you know that when you buy vinyl you very often get a link to download a copy as well? Yup, it's true. Learn more from Gizmodo.

Shaken Or Stirred?

We think this site is pretty rockin’. Beautiful photographs and wonderful videos to teach you everything you want to know about pretty much everything having to do with enjoying a fine beverage. In the mood for some reggae music? Find the right rum┬áto sip while you take in the sites and sounds of Jamaica. You get the idea. Be inspired.