Mel’s Travels and Tech Failure

Tech failure can happen to any of us at anytime, but when you’re traveling around the US to find yourself and blog about your experiences, it becomes a bit crazy making.

Last week I had a long catch up call with Mel while she was on her way to Boston. Earlier this year she left Seattle to road-trip-it for a while. Maybe as long as a year. Somewhere along the line we got to talking about Mercury retrograde. A term that has made it into common vernacular. I shared my understanding and a couple experiences about how to deal when it hits, especially as it pertains to one’s car. Here’s the text I got this morning, the first day of the most recent turn of the planet of information and travel.

Time to reflect, remember, revise and restructure!!.

That’s the lesson of Mercury retrograde. Re-do. We could probably all use to reflect, remember, revise and restructure more often than when Mercury goes retrograde, but it will force you into it if you haven’t already. Soon I’ll be bringing you some conversation with Mel about how the road trippin’ is going thus far. In the meantime, check out her travelogue at here at melliemonsters.